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Tuesday, Jan 15 2013 12:01 AM

Banducci substation in planning

Southern California Edison has begun the process of upgrading a decades-old power substation in the Cummings Valley.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently reviewing Edison's 783-page project application for the new facility that will be situated on an eight-acre unincorporated parcel near the intersection of Pellisier and Dale Roads.

The commission will be making sure the construction of the project complies with the California Environmental Quality Act requirements, and if approved, will seek the public's input in addition to the open public comment session that took place last month.

"To date SCE has already addressed numerous stakeholders in the region to address questions and concerns," SCE spokesperson Paul Klein said. "But there will be an additional period for those living close to the area to provide feedback on the project once the CPUC has made its decision."

If there are no delays, the new 66/12 kV Banducci substation will begin its construction phase in the winter of 2013, becoming fully operational by June 2016.

The reason for the new substation, according to SCE, is to meet the increasing energy demand in area.

During the past five years the Cummings Valley has seen significant load growth of approximately three to four percent per year, with most of the growth occurring in the Bear Valley Springs and Stallion Springs communities that are located more than seven miles west of the existing substation. SCE Regional Manager Cal Rossi said the facility will not be able to accommodate the anticipated load growth in the area beyond 2016.

The new substation would provide much-needed relief, by transferring the electrical loads of Bear Valley Springs and Stallion Springs from the aging Cummings substation.

"This upgrade, which will include new high voltage sub-transmission and distribution lines, will ensure continued safe, reliable utility service for area residents and businesses," Rossi said. "In addition, the new substation is needed to address reliability and operational flexibility in the region."

The new Banducci substation is just one part of a series of ongoing infrastructure upgrades on lines and substations that SCE is doing throughout the state to keep up with its customer's rising energy demands.

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