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Tuesday, Dec 03 2013 01:42 PM

Kern Fire issues safety reminders as open burning season begins

The Kern County Fire Department announced the commencement of open burning Tuesday and included reminders to residents on how to burn safely this winter season.

Before burning, it is very important that residents contact the appropriate Air Pollution Control District to make sure that it is a burn day. Residents must also obtain a fire permit at any Kern County Fire or U.S. Forest Service fire station prior to burning.

There are two APCD in Kern County. The Eastern Kern APCD covers eastern Kern County and is available by phone at 661-862-5250 or online at www.kernair.org. The San Joaquin Valley APCD covers western Kern County and can be contacted at 661-392-5500 or online at www.valleyair.org.

When burning, it is important to use an approved “Outdoor Wood Burning Device” and that the device is a minimum of 15 feet from any structure. These devices are subject to the daily forecasted burn days that are allowed by the APCDs. The only exception to the daily forecasted burn day requirements are when natural gas is unavailable and the burning area would be the sole source of heat.

Per the California Fire Code, the local APCD has the right to allow “open burning” when all of the APCD's requirements to burn are met. However, the Kern County Fire Department has the authority to require the extinguishment of any fire if it becomes a safety hazard.

For more news and information, visit www.kerncountyfire.org.

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