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Tuesday, Nov 06 2012 06:00 AM

Local construction on upswing

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A building under construction by developer Dan Proffitt in the Bailey Industrial Park will add to the attractive industrial buildings already in the area. Photo by Ed Gordon

The Four Seasons retail center site adjacent to the Best Western Mountain Inn on Tehachapi Boulevard is moving along, with concrete poured recently. Photo by Ed Gordon

Tehachapi continues to grow with new construction going on city wide. Just west of downtown construction is moving along at the Four Seasons retail center which is replacing the old bowling alley and Mountain Crossing Restaurant adjacent to the Best Western Mountain Inn.

The center is the first commercial center designed to meet the new general plan criteria.

The center will include retail and restaurant space. A remodel is underway at the Best Western Mountain Inn next door.

At the other end of town the Chevron station has been remodeled as The Barn, a gas station/convenience store concept, at the Tehachapi Boulevard exit of the 58 freeway. Now open, the complex includes a Noble Roman Pizza and Bobby Salazar Mexican food, adding a lot of activity near the La Quinta Inn where the new 58 Restaurant opened earlier this year.

Just west of The Barn, in the Bailey Court Industrial Park, a 10,000 square foot building is under construction by developer Dan Proffitt for a wind related business. Community Development Director, David James said, “Our strategy to try and attract wind related companies is starting to show some dividends.”

“It’s certainly a positive economic indicator that people are still investing in our community in spite of the recession that just doesn’t seem to want to go away,” James said.

The city is also very involved in a number of projects to improve the look and safety of the city.

The Tehachapi Boulevard $449,639 Phase lV Project that includes enhancement to the South side of Tehachapi Boulevard between Robinson Street and Hayes Street, including new sidewalk, handicapped ramps, decorative crosswalks, lighting and landscaping is nearing completion.

These improvements will be similar to work already completed throughout downtown. Funding for this project comes from two grant sources — $361,000 from a Transportation Enhancement grant and $520,700 from a Community Development Block Grant.

The sewer treatment plant expansion that has economic development implications is also wrapping up, including a lot of new buildings.

James said this project is important for future development.

“If we can’t allow businesses to expand because we have water or sewer capacity issues that certainly would be an incumbrances to more economic development,” he said.

Other infrastructure improvements are also in the works.

City staff has prepared plans and specifications to replace the existing water line on C Street from Curry Street to Mill Street.

Currently there, are two water lines serving this area of C Street. One is an old two-inch steel water line for domestic services and the other is an eight-line for fire suppression. City water department staff have had to make multiple repairs per year due to breaks in the two-inch. The existing eight-inch line does not meet current city standards and therefore will not be used to consolidate service lines.

This new water line project will eliminate both the two-inch line and the existing eight-inch, and will replace them with a single eight-inch line to provide domestic services and fire suppression. This new line will also be tied into existing lines on Mill Street and Pauley Street, there by creating a redundant loop and allowing staff to isolate smaller areas in the event of needed repairs or shutdowns.

The city is also doing work on the renovation of a building on C Street that will be the new police station. The new facility will be 10,000 square feet and is being paid for from the Public Safety Impact Fund.

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