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Tuesday, Sep 20 2011 03:14 PM

FAITH hanger opens in Mojave

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WhiteKnight Two was rolled out for public display during The Spaceship Company’s ribbon-cutting for its new hangar at the Mojave Air and Space Port Monday.

State Senator Jean Fuller, George Whitesides, and State Senator Sharon Runner do the honors cutting the ribbon during a ceremony at the Mojave Air and Space Port Monday.

The Spaceship Company opened its assembly facility at the Mojave Air and Space Port on Monday, Sept. 19. The 68,000 square foot hanger named Final Assembly, Integration and Test hanger or FAITH is for assembly of Virgin Galactic space vehicles.

In addition to FAITH, TSC has recently upgraded another 48,000-foot hanger to serve as the company’s fabrication and vehicle sub-assembly facility.

TSC Vise President of Operations for TSC Enrico Palermo said, “This hanger is where the Space Company will be building future copies of the Spaceship Two (SS2) and WhiteKnight Two (WK2) aircraft… spaceships that will fly many, many thousands of people into space allowing them to realize their ultimate dreams and ambitions of flying in space.”  

George Whitesides, TSC and Virgin Galactic CEO said “today the Spaceship Company is taking another big step forward; toady TSC has nearly 100 people on its rolls working out of Mojave. Today TSC has already started production of its first vehicles and today TSC opens this marvelous facility, the best of its type in Mojave, the Antelope Valley and who knows, maybe the country.”

The ribbon was cut by State Senator Jean Fuller, George Whitesides, and State Senator Sharon Runner followed by the WhiteKnight Two being rolled in to the hanger. Senators Runner and Fuller then presented a resolution to TSC from the State Legislator commemorating the event.

Assemblymen Steve Knight and David Valadao also joined in the presentation.

Brian Binnie a test pilot who won the X prize with a flight into space in 2004 gave a brief description of his experience. Virgin Galactic currently has over 400 people that have made a deposit toward a trip into space.

A number of TSC employees live in the Tehachapi area.

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