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Wednesday, Dec 18 2013 06:00 AM

Bridge work completion date unaffected by snowstorm

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Despite the weekend snowstorm that halted much of the Greater Tehachapi area’s activities, CalTrans official Jose Camarena said construction work on the Sand Canyon bridge was not affected in terms of completion. The bridge on Highway 58 westbound at the canyon exit was totally demolished earlier this year and crews from a CalTrans-contracted company have worked between technical delays to finish the bridge by the end of December. Camarena said the bridge deck concrete was poured Nov. 23, and workers are in the final stages of construction, including rebuilding the railing and slope work around the deck. Travelers and residents who feel they were adversely impacted by the extended bridge work may contact CalTrans project manager Frank Momen, 559-243-3444, to begin a claims process.


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