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Wednesday, Jan 08 2014 06:00 AM

Rocket science publisher has opened offices in Mojave

One of America's leading rocket science publishers has opened offices near Mojave Spaceport, to better serve research and development projects in the Antelope Valley.

"Since 1999 we've provided hard‐to‐find and out‐of‐print test reports and technical documents to the experimental rocket propulsion community," said Dr. Edward Jones, director of the Institute. "Though we were founded in New Mexico and have for many years supported research at White Sands Missile Range, we see the new center of civilian space travel in Mojave. Rocket scientists, engineers, and technicians here have built a cornerstone for public space tourism, and our collection of reference resources is second to none."

With a catalog of more than 300 titles ranging from Apollo design handbooks to reports on X‐plane testing over Muroc, Rocket Science Institute has one of the largest in‐stock selections of rocket and missile engineering design textbooks anywhere, according to Dr. Jones.

A non‐profit scientific and educational organization, the Rocket Science Institute (RSI) also supports amateur experimental rocket and pulsejet propulsion projects.

An early California rocket pioneer himself, Dr. Jones worked at Aerojet‐General and White Sands Proving Ground in the 1950s.

"Cal Tech experimenters used Muroc for their earliest JATO rocket booster tests in 1940. Rocket planes have been designed, built, and breaking records over the Antelope Valley since 1947, and today several cutting‐edge spaceships are being designed and tested at Mojave Spaceport. We're here to support and participate in this new era of pioneering space travel," Dr. Jones explained.

The new Institute offices in Mojave will continue to provide publications for research laboratories, universities, government agencies, and private industry worldwide, including NASA, USAF, Sandia, Los Alamos, DuPont, Aerojet, and ATK. RSI also specializes in information about rocket‐sled test tracks (as used at both Edwards AFB and NWTS China Lake), static and flight test engineering, and pyrotechnic devices. Their library includes hundreds of important National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and NASA reprints about solid and liquid rocket propulsion, propellants, spacecraft design, and missile aerodynamics. They also offer all of the books by Dr. Robert H. Goddard, inventor of the liquidfuel rocket and regarded as the "father of modern rocketry."

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