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Tuesday, Oct 04 2011 03:37 PM

Apple growers ready for rush

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It’s apple season and the growers are ready for the rush. Several reported the crop to be a little less than last year, but sufficient enough to meet the demand. The only grower that said they will not be open this year is Apples of the Earth who’s trees got hit by the frost and then, as they don’t spray their trees, the moths that destroyed the blossoms.

Among the apple farms in Tehachapi, Pulford farms has Jonathan, Johngold and Gala apples, Knaus Apple Ranch with Red and Golden Delicious, RB Family Orchard has Golden Delicious, HA’S features Gala, Fuji and Granny Smith and Pippins.

Some local growers offer popular “u-pick” options for locals and visitors. School children often take a fall field trip to the orchards.

Call or watch for the signs along the road if your heart is set on picking your own apples. Many of the farms also offer small stands with cider, butters, crisps and strudels, and even fresh in-season produce items.

Visit the farms and get those apples for your pies and apple sauce or pick up that cider and be ready to heat it up for those cold nights ahead.

The local car clubs from Tehachapi and Bakersfield were joined by members of the Pomona Valley Model A Club and the Paradise Valley Club from San Bernardino on Saturday, Oct. 1, for an apple picking party. They had breakfast at the Keene Diner then in 20 vintage cars, 41 members headed up the hill to pick apples.

U-pick orchards in Tehachapi in addition to Knaus Apple Ranch and RB Family Orchard, are Kolesars’ Apples and Dries Farms. Once you finish picking your fruit, you’ll head to a weigh station, then pay by the pound. Some orchards offer ready-picked apples and other fruits as well as vegetables.

Bring your own containers to hold the apples you pick. Sunscreen and a hat can help keep sunburn to a minimum.

Bringing plenty of water will help you stay hydrated while you pick your fruit.

A camera comes in handy, especially if you bring the whole family.

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