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Tuesday, Feb 19 2013 03:40 PM

Chief provides more information about possible school shooting threat

The Tehachapi Police Dept. has released more information about its investigation into a possible threat of a school shooting.

Previously the Tehachapi News reported that this threat was made by a Tehachapi High School student, based upon a notation in the media log released by the police department. This information was incorrect, according to this afternoon's news release.

According to Police Chief Jeff Kermode, on Feb. 16, the Tehachapi Police Department received a report of a possible threat of a school shooting that might occur sometime in the future at Monroe High School in Tehachapi.

The chief said a Monroe High School student had overheard two other Monroe students talking on campus. One of the students allegedly had made a statement to the other about bringing a gun to school and shooting people. The student had been reported as making the statement in a “joking manner.”

The third student reported the conversation to an adult, who then reported it to the Tehachapi Police Department. The department initiated its school threat protocol and interviewed the involved students and their parents.

A 16-year-old Monroe High School student, residing in Bear Valley, admitted to making the statement, but said that he was only kidding. He also admitted that it was a “dumb thing to say.” Officers conducted a search of the student’s home for firearms and found none. The involved student had no prior criminal history with either the Tehachapi Police Department or the Bear Valley Police Department.

The manner in which the threat was made does not appear to qualify for prosecution as a criminal threat, Kermode said, however the matter is being referred to the Tehachapi Unified School District for possible administrative action.

The Tehachapi Police Department and the Tehachapi Unified School District take all safety and security threats seriously and commend the student and adult for bringing the matter to our attention, Kermode noted in the release.

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