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Thursday, Oct 17 2013 06:15 PM

Dead California condor found in Bear Valley Springs

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At around 10:40 this morning, as part of the Great Shake Out, Bear Valley EOC team five was inspecting the dip tank off Jacaranda Drive. and discovered the body of what appeared to be a California condor floating in the tank. They noted it was tagged number 30 and reported the find to Bear Valley Springs Police Department.

The dip tank is a source of water for firefighting helicopters.

Jeff Hodges, BVCSD general manager, confirmed that the bird was a California condor, and that biologists from the Hopper Mountain Wildlife Refuge had recovered the carcass of the animal.

At this time, little is known about the cause of the bird's death or exactly how long it had been in the dip tank, but according to Hodges, the animal was taken back to Hopper Mountain Wildlife Refuge's Ventura facility, where biologists specializing in condor conservation will investigate the cause of death.

The Tehachapi News will continue to report on this story as more information becomes available.

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