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Tuesday, Aug 05 2014 04:15 PM

Golden Hills Sanitation Company grants limited amnesty

With video surveillance of the Golden Hills Sanitation Company sewer lines beginning, an amnesty program will be set up for those identified as being hooked up to the system.

According to a news release from the sanitation company, a number of Golden Hills properties have been "illegally using sewer services without paying the required connection fees and/or required monthly service fee."

The video surveillance, meant to survey the condition and scope of the small sewer system, will also identify which properties are using the sewer system. Connections will be compared to those properties being billed by the sanitation company.

Accordingly, the sanitation company's receiver, Clifford Bressler, extended a limited amnesty for those with an illegal or unauthorized sewer connection that "voluntarily come forward." The amnesty window ends Aug. 22.

Those being billed are legal users.

Others found illegally using the sewer service will be required to pay delinquent monthly fees to the full amount permitted, as well as the current connection fee, according to the press release.

The service area for sewer service starts at the top of White Pine Drive with Golden Highlands community and continues on Woodford Tehachapi Road to Golden Hills Motel. Sewer mainlines also exist in a portion of Golden Hills East, with service connecting east from Woodford Tehachapi Road and Weston Avenue.
Amnesty requests can be made in writing to GHSC Receiver, c/o Clifford Bressler, PO Box 3257 Clovis, CA 93613, or by calling Barbara Miller, GHSC Executive Administrative Assistant at 822-1700.

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