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Thursday, Oct 04 2012 06:38 AM

Brighthouse makes WiFi available in downtown Tehachapi

No more worries about looking for a WiFi connection, or missing anything important at work while you are out “playing.” Bright House Networks is helping its customers stay connected everywhere they spend time by making WiFi access in downtown Tehachapi. Bright House Networks WiFi allows customers to connect to the Internet wirelessly throughout most of downtown Tehachapi.

“Bright House Networks is pleased to now make its convenient WiFi access available in downtown Tehachapi,” said Joe Schoenstein, president, Bright House Networks Bakersfield.  “The availability of Bright House Networks WiFi will help to make it even easier for our customers to stay connected while they are on the go.”

Bright House Networks WiFi will allow any WiFi enabled device, such as a personal computer, tablet, Smartphone, or digital audio player, to connect to the Internet.  Customers who subscribe to Bright House Networks’ Road Runner service will have WiFi access in any of Bright House Networks’ WiFi locations at no additional cost by their My Services or Road Runner login credentials.  Non-Bright House Networks customers can also purchase WiFi access for a per use fee in any WiFi location.

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