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Saturday, Mar 15 2014 06:23 PM

Lost Tehachapi Mountain Park hikers located

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Kern County firefighters are pictured here collecting information after four hikers from Bakersfield were returned safely to the trailhead and their vehicle at Tehachapi Mountain Park on Saturday, March 15. Photo by Nick Smirnoff

Kern County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue Coordinator Sgt. Royce Haislip placed a precautionary “call out” to the local Tehachapi Valley Search and Rescue team on Saturday, March 15. Shortly after the volunteers started to arrive at Tehachapi Mountain Park, Kern County firefighters radioed that they had located the hikers so the call out was cancelled. Photo by Nick Smirnoff

Hiker Esteban (who declined to give last name) steps out of a Kern County Fire Patrol vehicle after he and his three hiking companions became disorientated while hiking in the Tehachapi Mountain Park area of Water Canyon, southwest of the City of Tehachapi on on Saturday, March 15. Photo by Nick Smirnoff

What was planned as a short late morning hike for four visitors from Bakersfield on Saturday, March 15, turned into a bit of drama as they became disorientated after getting off the Nuooah Nature trail at Tehachapi Mountain Park, located in the mountains southwest of the City of Tehachapi.

The four hikers realized they were potentially lost and used a cell phone to call the park ranger’s office. The ranger forwarded the call to 9-1-1 who kept the stranded hikers on the line. 9-1-1 dispatch relayed the call to the Kern County Fire Dept. and started tracking the GPS location of the cell call.

Arriving fire fighters from Tehachapi Fire Station 12 used this information and gained access to the uninjured hikers via fire roads in the area. As a precaution Kern County Search and Rescue coordinator Sgt. Royce Haislip placed an activation call to the local Tehachapi search and rescue members. Shortly after the first volunteer members arrived the hikers were located and the activation call out canceled.

As the sun was setting the Kern County firefighters who had located the hikers returned them to their vehicles at the trailhead, cold and hungry but no worse for the adventure.

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