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Tuesday, Feb 26 2013 12:01 AM

Transportation topic of two council public hearings

The Tehachapi City Council held its regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19, at the Beekay Theater. All members of the council were present.

There were two public hearings held at the meeting. The first hearing was held as part of the annual Public Transit Claim for Transportation Development Act. Currently the city provides a transit service through a transit service called Dial-a-Ride. The council adopted a resolution by a 5-0 vote finding that there were no unmet transit needs that are reasonable to meet within the city.

The second public hearing was an appeal filed by Kenneth Hetge of the Planning Commissions decision to approve the architectural design and site plan review number 2012-02 for a 72 room, three story non-franchise hotel in Capital Hills. The council denied this appeal on a 4-0 vote with council member Mary Lou Vachon recusing herself do to possible conflict of interest.

In other business the council approved for staff to finalize and submit a placeholder application for the proposed airport taxiway relocation project.

City Engineer Jay Schlosser said, "We decided to be aggressive in going after grants for the airport so our first is one of the largest the airports ever seen. We're going to relocate the entire taxiway to it proper location and rebuild it. So its brought back up to new condition."

There would also be some significant drainage improvements that would be done for safety improvements. The project cost is estimated at $2.3 million. If funded the cities minimum obligation is approximately $130,000 and the maximum obligation would be about double that. The FAA funds the bulk of the project and Caltrans funds the remainder.

The council also approved a cost sharing agreement with Tehachapi Cummings County Water district to share the cost of the design plan for the Snyder Well project that was approved at the last meeting.

A 50 percent in the fee schedule reduction was approved for the Adopt-A-landscape program to allow more families, individuals and businesses to participate in the program.

Next meeting

The meeting lasted Just over two hours. The next regular meeting of the council is scheduled for 6 p.m. March 4 at the Beekay Theater.

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