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Tuesday, Dec 11 2012 12:30 AM

City moving forward with Walmart EIR

In its ongoing efforts to bring a Walmart super center to Tehachapi, the City Council appointed consultant Curtis Zacuto to prepare the Supplemental Environmental Impact Report, which is needed to keep the move the project forward.

Zacuto handled finalization of the EIR previously approved by both the council and the Tehachapi Planning Commission. The project came to a standstill in April when Kern County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Twisselman ruled in favor of the group Tehachapi First, which challenged the EIR's compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act.

The judge noted deficiencies in three out of the approximately 24 topics evaluated in the document -- water availability, noise and traffic.

Since then the city has been committed to correcting the deficiencies and taking the matter back for the court's consideration.

"Those things can be addressed," said the Community Development Director David James. "We'll make those adjustments, re-circulate, and get this thing back to the decision maker."

Once the supplemental report is complete, it will be submitted to the court for re-consideration of the EIR and possible approval of the Supercenter.

"This EIR took over two years to get from application, to planning commission, to city council," said James. "The issues we're addressing are very technical in nature. Almost hair splitting, if you will."

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