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Tuesday, Feb 26 2013 12:03 AM

Earthquake monitor installed in Tehachapi

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Stan Ballard with the USGS earthquake monitor in his home in Golden Hills. Photo by Ed Gordon/Tehachapi News.

Earthquake graph showing minor motion in Tehachapi on February 14.

The United States Geological Service has set up an earthquake monitoring station at the home of Stan Ballard on Gold Street in Golden Hills. The station, installed on Jan. 7, is monitored over a wireless network with the data being sent to the Pasadena Field Office.

Ballard said he has been interested in earthquakes for a long time and has participated in the Earthquake Hazards Program. The monitoring equipment was set up in his home, tied down to the foundation so any horizontal or vertical movement can be detected. He noted that the detector box is so solid that kicking it wouldn't set it off, but he did have to put a fence around it so his dogs couldn't chew off the antenna.

If you would like to see what's shaking in Tehachapi go to: http//earthquake.usgs.gov, then click on monitoring. When that page comes up click on "volunteer monitoring," earthquakes. Then "View data-triggered activity" and a map of the US will come up.

Enlarge the map and click on the blue dot over Tehachapi. Station Q0065_CI_01 will come up showing a graph of the ground movement.

Note that the time shown in UTC, Universal Coordinated Time, formally known as Greenwich Mean Time, so you will need to subtract 8 hours to get local time.

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