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Tuesday, Jul 01 2014 04:40 PM

Bear Valley hires new general manager

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David Edmonds was hired as Bear Valley CSD's new general manager.

Bear Valley Community Services District has a new general manager.

Newcomer David Edmonds was appointed on June 26 by the Bear Valley CSD board of directors following a last-minute round of deliberation in closed session.

According to Bill Mason, president of the board, Bear Valley found Edmonds through a head-hunting process utilizing consultant Brent Ives.

From that process, five candidates were interviewed twice, two candidates called back for follow-up interviews, and finally pared the selection down to Edmonds.

"We think we have found a very good person for a new general manager," Mason said. "He comes very qualified and very well spoken for."

Edmonds, in introducing himself, described himself as a local government professional, having served in various levels of management.

Edmonds will begin July 1, and will replace David Powell, who very briefly served as interim general manager. He is the first permanent general manager since Jeff Hodge, who resigned at the end of 2013 after only serving one year.

Under the agreement, Edmonds will be paid a base salary of $150,000 subject to yearly review by the board, plus benefits, a $3,000 relocation stipend, a $6,000 per year travel allowance for local travel, and $1,820 to reimburse the use of his personal cellphone for district business.

Edmonds' stint in the public agency world included serving as chief administrative officer of Trinity County in Northern California and three years serving as the head of the Cordova Recreation and Parks District in Sacramento County.

At Trinity County, his service as CAO lasted four months, from late 2011 into early 2012. Prior to that he spent three years as head of the Cordova parks district.

A Mojave native, Edmonds said returning to the general area is a homecoming of sorts. "Once I'm fully on board, we'll sit down and start having discussions about the needs of the community," Edmonds said following the meeting. "Ultimately, we are here to serve the public."

He said his first goal is to become acclimated to the area and the community.

Edmonds said his calling has largely been local government over private sector.

"I specifically chose local government over state or federal level because you can effectuate more change and accomplish more," Edmonds said.


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