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Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 11:07 AM

Adopt-A-Landscape program to begin

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City of Tehachapi encourages local residents to help in the revitalization of the community by participating in the Adopt-A-Landscape program.

The City of Tehachapi is pleased to announce the revitalization of its Adopt-A-Landscape program. After a short break over the past year, the city wants to promote this 12-month program and encourage businesses, organizations, families and individuals to sponsor the landscape maintenance of areas within the city limits. 

Keeping downtown Tehachapi beautiful is something that we can take pride in. With your sponsorship, the city will provide the landscaping and maintenance at one of the designated locations of your choice. Specific maintenance includes irrigation repair and adjustment, weed and litter control, and tree and shrubbery pruning. Installation of landscaping within the landscaping area includes site preparation, replanting trees and shrubs, installing or re-installing irrigation and the addition of any soil or amendments needed.

Adopt-a-Landscape sponsors are acknowledged with a reflective sign that will be displayed at a strategic place in the adopted landscape. The placement of the sign will provide enough signage to recognize the contribution of the sponsors. 

The landscape areas that are adoptable are parks, planters, medians, trees, parking lots, bike paths, etc. A complete detailed list of these areas, including pricing is available at Tehachapi City Hall.
Call me at 822-2200, ext. 103, Adopt-a-Landscape coordinator, or stop by City Hall, located at 115 S. Robinson St. I will be happy to assist you with your sponsorship. On behalf of the City of Tehachapi, we thank you for your interest in the beautification of downtown Tehachapi!

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