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Wednesday, Jul 23 2014 03:23 PM

TVRPD: Moving toward prosperity

“We are moving in a direction of prosperity,” said Matt Young, MS, district manager of Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District, at the board meeting held July 15.

Among the agenda items discussed at the meeting was the TVRPD final budget for fiscal year 2014/2015. Young thanked all involved in the building of the budget, including staff members and the ad hoc committee.

“We got a good feeling on where the money us coming from, where the money is going to be billed in creating a balance in a solid budget,” said Young.

“One of the new things I was able to flush out was what can we project, not only this year, but moving into the five year budget plan,” he said. “We have a projected increase in revenue of 11 percent, which comes to approximately $119k.”

Board members approved the final budget, which projects a total expected revenue of $2,091,586 for the fiscal year, and $1,632,714 in total expenditures. This leaves the district in good shape with a surplus of $458,872. Total of employee costs come to $677,914.

Golden Hills park
A stipulation was added into the approval which would earmark money for a pocket park which the district hopes to build in the future in Golden Hills.

“It has been estimated that one-third of Americans do not get outdoors on a daily basis, so we want to be a local agency that gives the public opportunities to get outdoors by offering our recreational facilities,” said Young. “With everything we do, we try to promote to get outdoors.”

Barks for the Park

When asked about the current status of Barks for the Park campaign, Young said, “We currentlyrunning a solid number three. The number one (contender) is in our same category of being a small town. At the very minimum, we are in the position to win a minimum of $25k. Now, Marley’s Mutts have taken a main lead on this, on instructing people on how to vote, etc. So far, we have received over 40,000 votes. We are working with the people to build for the people, and this is a really neat opportunity.” [More information online at petsafe.net/barkforyourpark]

Also on the agenda for discussion was the authorization of the Treasurer of the County of Kern to transfer funds in its custody for meeting the obligations incurred for the maintenance and operations of the district. Board members voted on and approved TVRPD to request a property tax advance in the amount of $400,000 out of the $752,000 it is expecting in property tax revenue.

Low water
Mike Walsh, TVRPD maintenance foreman, reported that the water level at Brite Lake is dropping fast.

“So fast, we are unable to keep the dock in the water,” said Walsh. “It is high and dry. It is anticipated to get quite low.

Recreation update

“We are going to be busy here at West Park, starting next weekend,” Walsh continued. “Little League has pretty much wrapped up concerning the playoffs. We will be having the division championship games starting July 19 through July 23. We will also be holding the Southern California State Championships, Junior Division on July 25 and 26.”

According to LeAnn Williams, TVRPD recreation supervisor, the Warrior 5k Run held July 4 was a “phenomenal success.”

“We had 364 runners,” said Williams, adding, “fortunately we were prepared for it. Even the people who will normally run only one race a year will pick to run that one. We had 210 runners sign up during the last three days prior to the event, and another 90 the day of. We believe we will hit that 500 mark next year.”

Williams also reported that the Dye Natatorium Pool has recorded a record number in pool usage hours since opening in February.

“The facility is 10 times better than it was,” said Williams. “The staff has really took ownership of the pool, and our facility is better than it has ever been. People are using it now, and the lifeguards are the base of the organization.”

Williams reminded everyone that youth basketball camp starts next week, and youth volleyball camp starts the first week of August.

For more information on the programs and event offered by TVRPD, call 822-3228 or visit the website at tvrpd.org.

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