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Friday, Jul 25 2014 09:48 AM

Kern County Supervisors to consider additional funds Golden Hills sewer system

Engineering services firm AECOM may receive more money for its efforts with the Golden Hills Sanitation Company should the Kern County Board of Supervisors approve an item on its consent agenda for the July 29 2 p.m. board meeting in Bakersfield.

According to staff report from Greg Fenton, interim director of Kern County Engineering, Surveying and Permit Services, AECOM would receive an additional $63,000 to conduct a video survey of the Golden Hills sewer system.

Unless pulled by a member of the public or a Kern County Supervisor pulls the item for discussion, the request will be approved along with all consent agenda items in one vote.

The video survey would help “to evaluate the the condition of the existing sewer mains throughout the sewer system,” according to the staff report.

AECOM was tapped by the Board of Supervisors in March to conduct the feasibility study with the intent of finding a permanent, cost effective solution for Golden Hills sewer residents.

The Golden Hills Sanitation Company, privately owned, remains in receivership under Clifford Bressler of Clovis after the previous owner filed the company for bankruptcy in March 2012.

According to Fenton's report, California has signed off on the additional services, and the county will be reimbursed for the extra costs with the grant awarded from the state to conduct the feasibility study.

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