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Wednesday, Jan 30 2013 09:25 AM

Police looking for child annoyance suspect

For the second time in two weeks Tehachapi Police have responded to another call of a female high school student being harassed on her way to school.

This morning at around 7:15 a.m., a 14-year-old girl reported to police that a Hispanic male approached her while she was walking near the southwest corner of “D” and Mojave Streets.

The suspect is described as being 50 to 60 years old with dark skin and brownish grey hair, a heavy moustache, round face and wearing a black sweater and dark baggy pants.

The girl told officers the man had had been sitting behind a tree in Central Park and may have had a dog with him.

When she got closer, the suspect got up and walked towards her speaking to her and eventually tried to reach out and touch her.

Untouched, the girl walked away and returned home where she called police who initiated an immediate search of the area, but were unable to locate the suspect.

A broadcast of the suspect’s description was also made to surrounding law enforcement agencies and shared with the Tehachapi Unified School District.

Tehachapi Police, with the help of Tehachapi Unified School District security, arrested 31-year old Ernest Colquit Wallace IV on Thursday, Jan. 17, after he was accused of harassing two female high school students on their way to school.

He was booked on two misdemeanor counts and released later that day.

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