Tobin Phillips

Bail was set at $2 million for Tobin Phillips, who was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend's 8-month-old baby in Tehachapi.

Felix Adamo / The Californian

A man accused of killing a Tehachapi boy and who authorities say also injured his own daughter pleaded not guilty Thursday to murder and assault charges.

Tobin Wayne Phillips, 20, wore paper clothing during his arraignment, an indication he's on suicide watch. The bandages he wore on his neck and arms last week in his first court appearance were gone.

Phillips was found within two hours of the discovery of the body of 8-month-old Baron Brian Smith the night of Jan. 2, according to court documents. Phillips had been left in charge of the boy, whose mother returned home from work to find him dead in her apartment on Cherry Lane.

Phillips cut his neck and both arms after killing the boy, the documents by sheriff's investigators said. He made his way to a Fastrip on Tucker Road, where someone called 911.

Taken to a hospital, Phillips told investigators he killed Baron because the boy would not stop crying, and he agreed when investigators said he murdered the child, the documents said. He said he was angry over having to watch the boy every day.

Phillips told investigators he covered the boy's head with a pillow to get him to stop crying, the documents said. When the boy continued to cry, Phillips sat on the pillow until Baron lost consciousness.

Baron stopped breathing, but Phillips said he managed to resuscitate him. The child then went limp in his arms, and Phillips said he placed him in a bath of cold water in an effort to revive him.

The child then died, Phillips told investigators. Other injuries to Baron were inflicted after his death, the documents said.

Phillips moved in with Baron's mother Nov. 23, just weeks after he was arrested in Albion, Wash., in connection with assaulting his 21-day-old daughter, according to documents. Prosecutors in Washington said the baby in that case was seriously injured, but expected to make a full recovery.

Prosecutors said Phillips violated the terms of his release by leaving Washington and traveling to Tehachapi. He left his fiancee behind in Washington to stay with Baron's mother.

His next court hearing is scheduled for Jan. 26.