Chocolates, brownies, wax and drinks are other ways to ingest cannabis products at Emerald City Remedies, as photographed in December 2018.

More medical marijuana dispensaries withdrew their appeals to stay open at the Kern County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, diminishing the chance that any cannabis storefronts will remain open in the county after May.

Supervisors heard the second of three rounds of appeals during their afternoon meeting.

A total of 18 medical dispensaries have appealed a Kern County Department of Planning and Natural Resources Department ruling that all remaining legal dispensaries in the county must close by May 24.

At Tuesday’s meeting, three dispensaries withdrew their appeals, joining five others that withdrew at last week’s meeting.

The dispensaries had requested to stay open until May 24, 2020, but after the first pot shop to face the supervisors last week saw a ruling that dictated they must close in 10 days, the odds were long that supervisors would be willing to grant the appeals.

Supervisors voted to ban marijuana sales in Kern County in 2017, but allowed around 30 medical marijuana dispensaries to remain open until Nov. 24, 2018 so they could recoup costs associated with bringing their businesses up to code.

The county later granted an extension to May 24 of this year, but a group of the dispensaries appealed for more time.

On Tuesday, supervisors granted four dispensaries an extra four weeks to submit more evidence to the county to back up their appeals.

The board will convene at 9 a.m., March 18 to hear the appeals of the dispensaries that were granted more time.

Next week, five more dispensaries will face the supervisors for the last round of appeals.

If the supervisors do not grant extensions on any of the appeals that come before them, all legal-available medical marijuana storefronts in unincorporated county areas would cease to exist by May 24.

County residents may still have cannabis products delivered to their homes as these services are allowed under state law.