Lavonne Hall

Lavonne C. Hall, president and CEO, Hall Ambulance Service, Inc.

For 48 years, when a loved one has fallen victim to sudden illness or injury, the men and women of Hall Ambulance have stood at the ready. We have dedicated ourselves to responding to life’s unexpected moments, whether it be for sudden cardiac arrest, a motor vehicle accident, or deploying an ambulance strike team in response to a natural disaster like this summer’s earthquakes in Ridgecrest.

While our mission is not unlike the estimated 4.6 million career and volunteer firefighters, police, emergency medical technicians, and paramedic workers who serve communities across the United States, we do consider it a privilege to serve 88 percent of Kern County’s population as your advanced life support and basic life support ambulance provider. Hall Ambulance’s response area covers Bakersfield, Arvin, Lamont, Frazier Park, Taft, Shafter, Wasco, Tehachapi, Mojave, California City, Rosamond, Boron, and surrounding communities.

For the most traumatic or critically injured patients outside of Bakersfield requiring immediate care, Hall Critical Care Transport’s MEDEVAC 1 provides expedient air ambulance service. Hall CCT also provides regional ground and air interfacility transport solutions when a hospitalized patient requires specialized care at another medical facility.

Hall Ambulance Service, Inc. began answering the call in 1971 under the ideals set forth by my husband of care, compassion and community. Harvey expected the very best for the patients we serve, including hiring and training the best personnel and investing in the best equipment, which translates to providing the best care possible.

Harvey knew the healing properties of exhibiting compassion for your patient as well as your coworkers. He believed that sometimes, simply holding your patient’s hand was the best medicine they need.

Without a doubt, he believed in giving back and being an active part of the communities served by Hall Ambulance.

We continue to hold these guiding principles close to our heart and apply them in everything we do!

In celebration of the concurrent resolution, observing Oct. 28, 2019, as Honoring the Nation’s First Responders Day, please join me in recognizing the 456 employees of Hall Ambulance Service, Inc. Our frontline first responders include 113 paramedics, 211 emergency medical technicians, 12 paramedic field supervisors, nine registered nurses, and 25 emergency medical dispatchers.

Beyond them, there is a dedicated team that supports their response to every call. It starts with the vehicle technicians who provide preventative maintenance and repair to a fleet of more than 100 ambulances and first responder vehicles. Ambulance detailers and supply technicians ensure each ambulance is cleaned, stocked, and ready to roll before each shift. Keeping everything connected is the role of our management information systems personnel. Our Business Office professionals offer courteous assistance after the call, while the administrative staff keeps the business side of things running efficiently.

This teamwork extends to our positive relationships and collaboration with our partners in the fire departments and law enforcement agencies that we interact with on a daily basis — coming together to assist one patient at a time.

Lavonne C. Hall is president and CEO of Hall Ambulance Service, Inc.