Colleen Farrell, a local artist and owner of the new Colleen Farrell Gallery, hopes it will attract more people to Tehachapi and possibly make it a destination for art lovers — as many places in California are increasingly gaining interest for tourists — and be a place where local artists may gain exposure.

“I’m showing contemporary art and a revolving gallery showcasing local artists," Farrell said, adding she hopes it entices visitors to come to Tehachapi.

Local artists' drawings, paintings, pottery and other work, along with the work of artists from Los Angeles, will be on display every month during First Friday in downtown Tehachapi. The gallery is located at 112 A. E. Tehachapi Blvd.

The public had the opportunity to view art on Sept. 6.

Tehachapi artist Jim Wilson, whose work was on display, said, “I think the new gallery opening up is fantastic.”

In October, Farrell hopes to receive responses to the theme Curiosities and Oddities. There will also be a curator from Los Angeles coming to arrange all the art work and collections in the modern and open space gallery.

“I’m putting out artists' calls and getting the word out,” Farrell said. She added that she is planning on art history classes, combining painting with wine, figure drawing and music.

“I’m hoping to have curators, too, and for students to come in and experience and learn,” she said.

Farrell said the downtown location “is ultimately the place to be,” and she previously was located in Old Towne Tehachapi.

Art galleries may also attract new residents and help the area increase in value.

“After the galleries come, the property values go up, restaurants come and the whole area goes up in value,” said Farrell. She added, “It happened to downtown L.A. Artists started buying up buildings and then property values went up.”

Downtown Tehachapi may follow the lead of other cities in development for the arts in the future.

“If you think of areas like Ojai, Santa Barbara and Santa Fe, the downtowns are the center of the city. I see the vision of this community for being one of those destinations in the future,” said Farrell.

For more information on classes and business hours, call Farrell at 661-699-9616 or email