Students who have enjoyed art projects, drawing or painting all their lives and are now in high school can keep pursuing that talent.

The Tehachapi Unified School District board on Aug. 8 approved an additional class in graphic design.

This class opens new opportunities, not only counting for credit for high school, but also satisfying requirements for some California universities. The class is advanced to the point where students will be able see what a real job in the field would be like.

“One of the main things we are creating is the main lab where the students can design and learn about the graphic design and how it affects their daily lives and what it takes to take it to the next level," said THS graphic design teacher Arnulfo Gonzalez. "Students will get the ability to learn as they go, work with the customers, show the proofs, and get everything finalized and then produce something they will see in the community."

This includes learning the history of graphic design, advertising techniques, understanding the importance of building relationships with clients, interviewing skills, resume preparation, understanding how to operate a printing and vinyl cutter, embroidery and preparing a final portfolio.

Students have the option of starting a career in the community upon graduation from high school, or knowing more about career options before going to college.

“It gives them a tangible skill that they can use and you don’t have to worry about waiting four years to go to college," THS Principal Scott Heitman said. "You can get a job working at the newspaper, designing websites, games and those sorts of things, working in the manufacturing industry."