The Address at Tehachapi, LLC, a potential new single-family housing division, is in the process of submitting plans to the city of Tehachapi for constructing 240 homes located south of Highline Road and east of Tucker Road.

Developers of The Address at Tehachapi, LLC — a potential new single-family housing division — are in the process of submitting plans to the city for constructing 240 homes north of Highline Road and east of Tucker Road.

The four Tehachapi Planning Commission members who were present at the Sept. 9 meeting voted to approve the preliminary development plan. Commissioner Kim Nixon was absent.

“We are coming here not to just build houses. We are offering lifestyle choices,” said Alex Emdadi, chief operating officer for Comprehend & Copy Nature, LLC.  Emdadi said after the meeting that he represents the owners of the development.

A total of five members of the public, including the project's applicants, attended the meeting. The final master plan is to be discussed at a future Tehachapi City Council meeting.

The single-family housing division would feature 85,636 square feet of green space in the center of the housing division, an open amphitheater, club house, and resident RV parking and storage units. The proposal highlights one type of single-family home, although eight different lot dimensions are proposed. The property is zoned T-3, or neighborhood land, according to documents in the Planning Commission agenda.

Tehachapi Planning Commission members discussed the potential design. Many decisions that need to be finalized are: whether it will be a gated community; how the Antelope Bike Path will connect to the neighborhood; if a road will be constructed over the canal and to the east that is county zoned land divided in 2.5 parcels; and will it have a homeowners association to care for amenities and landscaping.

Commissioner Ken Wright voiced his concerns about whether a gated community would be a good idea.

"I don’t like to see them in Tehachapi, but if these homes are going to be that large, it might be a selling point for a nicer neighborhood,” Wright said.

Commissioner Charles White said, “I would like to see a mix of homes here, instead of just 240 identical houses, jammed in close to each other."

The city's development services director voiced the city's position.

“We are leaning toward the neighborhood being a HOA," said Jay Schlosser, city development services director. He added that the clubhouse and landscaping features would not be maintained by the city if the developer chooses this route.

The housing division may attract greater Tehachapi residents or those wishing to move from a large property and live closer to the city.

“T-3, in my opinion, as I read this, is going to be a nice single-family neighborhood. It’s going to typically be a larger home; it’s not going to be a starter home neighborhood, inherently. It’s going to be a second- or third-generation home in your life. There may be multiple generations in a house of this size,” Schlosser said.

The size of the single-family residences will range from 2,400 square feet to 3,000 square feet, with lot sizes varying from 6,600 square feet to 11,000 square feet. The houses would feature four bedrooms with 4.5 baths, said Emdadi. Information on possible prices of the homes has not yet been released.