Red Apple Pavilion, a potential new development across from Walmart, could bring new eateries, retail establishments and other businesses in the near future.

Tehachapi City Manager Greg Garrett said Panda Express and Carl’s Jr. have submitted applications to open eateries there; if the project is approved, construction could start in the spring.

The development located on 13.94 acres of land at the corner of Tucker Road and Red Apple Avenue would have 10 buildings. Six buildings would be built in a row at the west side of the property, with four other standalone buildings on the eastern side of the property.

The standalone buildings of various sizes along Tucker Road are planned to be two fast-food establishments; one other standalone building would be a restaurant and another separate building would have a pharmacy or a gas station.

Architecture plans, an environmental impact report and site plan have been approved by resolutions from the Tehachapi Planning Commission. Project approval is scheduled to be taken up by the Tehachapi City Council at 6 p.m. Jan. 7 during its meeting to be held at 300 S. Robinson St.

Corey Costelloe, assistant to the Tehachapi city manager, said Frontier Real Estate Investments will handle construction of the 120,455-square-foot multi-tenant commercial center.

“The plan is to phase it and build the frontage along Tucker Road first,” Costelloe said.

The four buildings on the east side of the property are planned to move forward first, with the other six buildings in a row later on, added Costelloe.

Applicant Tehachapi Holdings, LLC, will reimburse Walmart for the share of median construction on Tucker Road and build a six-foot solid wall along the rear of the property adjacent to McIntosh Street in phase two of project. A consistent mountain architecture design would apply to all buildings.