New farmhouse-style cottages, family housing, town houses and apartments may soon come to Tehachapi. The Sage Ranch plan — now under discussion with the city — could bring a new style of housing that caters to a variety of buyers and lifestyles.

“I want the community to feel that we are building something that works,” said Stuart Nacht, development manager for Sage Ranch. “We have half a dozen different projects and the goal is to meet the needs of the community. I’m really big on mixing the amenities for seniors and youth.”

Nacht added that studies show benefits to the entire community if a variety of housing is built in the same area, allowing different age groups in the community to mingle and learn from each other’s experiences.

Sage Ranch’s Neighborhood Master Plan has been filed with the city of Tehachapi. That is a preliminary document that allows the discussion of various types of housing, street design and community amenities. This happens before both an Environmental Impact Report is created and before approval is given by the Tehachapi Planning Commission for the developer to begin construction.

Once this project is approved, it could take more than a few years, said Nacht.

“If we are lucky, next summer is when we will start our infrastructure,” he said.

Architecture design

More than 1,000 dwellings are projected to be built, with an estimated starting price of $275,000 to $295,000. The one- and two-story houses, cottages and town homes could range from 950 to 3,400 square feet with apartments ranging from 750 to 1,300 square feet.

Nacht said the goal is to keep prices down as much as possible and cater to seniors, those who want to downsize from large properties, single millennials and families who need housing with low-maintenance features.

Nacht, a second-generation builder who has managed and constructed more than 4,000 houses all over the country, recently moved to the area and looks forward to overseeing the project.

“The key is doing things properly. I manage my own construction, sales, marketing and I’m old school,” said Nacht.

The potential 138-acre site is between Valley Boulevard and Pinon Street and near Tehachapi High School. The new rustic and urban design of the housing tract features green space, walkable neighborhoods that are close to businesses and shops and three schools within a half-mile walk to central downtown.

Nacht said the mountain design would match the theme of the area and provide quality housing that features front porches, parks within the community, garages in the back and energy-saving devices.

“The intent is to create a strong street tree character allowing abundant shade conditions. The vast majority of garages will be accessed through enhanced alley conditions, allowing architecture to front streets with parallel guest parking directly in front of the homes," a Sage Ranch informational brochure said.

Many sidewalks would connect to roundabouts allowing “the safe and smooth flow of auto, bicycle and pedestrian traffic,” the brochure said. The main road would have a central divider with landscaping, further creating a deeper lot setback and garden landscape.

Green spaces would feature a more than three-acre central park for community events, and include a gazebo, barbecue equipment, basketball courts and senior area.

Another three-acre park on the northwest corner of Valley Boulevard would host sports and other events. There would also be smaller parks or green spaces.


Buyers may come from different areas within the Antelope Valley.

Out-of-town buyers could make up 80 percent of homeowners, with the remainder being locals.

The family-oriented culture of Tehachapi, cool mountain temperatures and proximity to employment centers could attract many working in the engineering field and military careers, added the brochure.

City zoning standards

Tehachapi’s updated 2012 General Plan outlines the details for specific housing units, subdivision mapping and architectural design that need to be met for the city to approve a new housing division.

Trevor Hawkes, planner for the city of Tehachapi, said the land is zoned T-4, which means that various types of housing that is now being proposed to the city can be allowed.

“This is technically the first project for the new zoning codes from the general plan that was approved in 2012. We plan to make sure the general plan and zoning codes are adhered to, for the new urbanist look,” Hawkes said.