Walmart customers in Tehachapi are expected to have new technology and time-saving methods available when they shop at the soon-to-open store, as the company recently announced the location is part of a $145 million plan to upgrade services and remodel 21 stores across California.

Local residents could benefit from grocery pickup and delivery and online order pickup towers. Additionally the new technology includes  a FAST unloader, and an autonomous floor scrubber.

The projected opening for the location is slated for late summer, with the need to hire two-hundred part-time and full-time associates, said Tiffany Wilson, director of communications for Walmart.

Online shopping for groceries will allow residents to pick up items without leaving their vehicles, at no extra cost. Customers will be able to use Walmart Voice Order, which allows Google Assistant to add items directly to the Walmart Grocery cart. Customers have to say “Hey Google, talk to Walmart” to use this option for shopping.

The exterior pickup designated facility will have a dedicated attendant to assist customers with loading purchases.

Pick up towers for online orders — essentially 16-foot tall vending machines — read a barcode sent to a customer’s smart phone retrieve of the item within minutes.

The FAST unloader will automatically scan and sort items that come off trucks, allowing Walmart associates to help customers and spend less time unloading items. The autonomous floor scrubber will keep the location clean by scrubbing  concrete floors, said the press release.

“The investments in California stores Walmart has planned this year demonstrate our commitment to our customers and the communities where we operate,” said Todd Siron, a regional vice president and general manager for Walmart in California in a recent press release. “The upcoming store remodels and innovations are exciting for both shoppers and associates alike and are centered on helping our customers save time and money.”

The new Walmart at 400 Tucker Rd. will be open 24 hours a day and customers will be able to access the location by two driveways— off Tehachapi Boulevard and Tucker Road. Future development plans include sites for two fast-food restaurants and an additional 5,200 square feet of retail space, according to the Final Walmart Revised Environmental Impact Report 2013.

The Walmart is expected to have a “pharmacy with a drive through, and may include a vision and hearing care center, medical clinic, food service, a photo studio and photo finishing center, a banking center, and other related accessory uses… and outdoor garden center,” added the Impact Report 2013.