No matter what the medical needs of residents in Tehachapi might be, new technology will make attending to an emergency a better patient experience.

Hall Ambulance Founder and President Harvey L. Hall personally dedicated three new ambulances Wednesday during a private ceremony at Hall Ambulance's Post 11, at 108 Pinon St.

The bright and highly visible ambulances will be fully equipped for all types of emergencies. The units will replace older ones. Two will be based in Tehachapi, while one will be stationed in Golden Hills.

"One of the things that is very good about these units is that they feature what the industry considers the greatest patient care experience, making bumpy rides a thing of the past," Hall said.

They feature a compressible liquid suspension system that facilitates a smoother ride and an exterior orange and blue checkerboard illumination design for better visibility. Paramedics will respond to difficult road conditions with the new Jim Burke Ford 450 chassis on the four-wheel drive vehicles.

The reflective graphics will help motorists better avoid the ambulances at night and increase safety.

"That's why we've put a lot of time and effort and resources into the visibility of the graphics, but also the lighting pattern of the emergency lights and sirens. We want to be seen if we are on the scene or the roadway where busy traffic is coming by," said Mark Corum, the company's director of media services.

The new transports also allow emergency medical technicians and paramedics to fully stand up while in the vehicles. Automatic lifts put the patient in the ambulance, reducing any possible injury for both the patient and employees, Corum said.

Each ambulance is equipped with a two-person crew. The EMT drives the vehicle, while a paramedic rides with the patient and can provide invasive care if needed.

All 18 employees in the Tehachapi area take 48-hour rotating shifts to meet the needs of the community.