Officers arrested 15 people on parole, probation or post-release community supervision for new violations during a compliance check operation in Tehachapi and surrounding areas on Tuesday.

Tehachapi Police announced Thursday there were seven felony and eight misdemeanor arrests for charges including possession of methamphetamine, narcotic paraphernalia, and a switchblade knife; resisting arrest; and several warrants and probation and parole violations, a police news release said.

“The primary goal of these compliance checks are to deter criminal activity in the Tehachapi area,” TPD Chief Kent Kroeger said in the news release.

The operation took officers to 40 locations, where they searched 29 places. About 35 officers from TPD, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, Kern County Probation Department, Ridgecrest Police Department, Taft Police Department and California State Parole were involved.