The Golden Hills Community Services District board introduced an ordinance concerning the rules and regulations for water services concerns. The board elected to do it now, so it could be approved should the new water rates be approved next month.

President John Buckley gave a first reading to Ordinance 33 at a March 16 board meeting. The ordinance would clarify the district's practices regarding water service billing, charges and penalties.

“We want to have this read now, so we can vote on it at the next meeting (April 20) after the public hearing on the proposed water rate increases,” Buckley said. “Should the new rates be approved, we can approve this and be able to post Ordinance 33 on our website.”

In addition to the rules and regulations of water rates and connection costs, the ordinance addresses penalties and enforcement measures for non-payment, and appeals for such items. It also describes the definitions for the different water users such as residential and commercial.

In addition, it repeals several other ordinances so the new one can be all-inclusive.

“We want the public to be aware of the new proposed ordinance, so they can make comments,” Buckley said.

In other business, Barbara Miller of the Golden Hills Sanitation Company provided an update on the facility. She said the recent rains caused one case of E.coli.

“There was excessive flow through the manhole covers,” she said. “It was reported and has since been addressed. We diverted some of the water into holding ponds before processing it again.”

Miller also reported the GHSC received inquiries about connecting to the sewer system lateral line from property owners along Tract 3366, where new road construction will take place.

“Five owners just had lots and the other had a dwelling,” she said. “We've also had calls from other areas of Golden Hills asking about possibly connecting to the system. That's a good thing for the district if it does purchase the plant, and for grants proposals.”