Mermaids, Egyptians, outer space — all types of themes were carefully drawn and filled in with amazing colors at this year’s Chalk on the Walk event on Saturday, Aug 11. The event draws more attention each year with participants showing off their creations on sidewalk in downtown Tehachapi. This year more than 100 artists were competing for honors and showing off their imaginations.

“It’s always fun to do it and put my best work out there,” said Bridget Lucas, who won "best in show" this year. She added, “I want to do animation and this will help with it.” Lucas has been participating in the event since middle school and is now in the adult division.

Vanessa Villanueva, 17, who entered for the first time, said, “I’m having a lot of fun and I hope to win, but even if I don’t I’ll continue coming back.” She even included some notes for the judges on her drawing of a mermaid.

The money raised by Tehachapi Valley Arts Association goes toward a good purpose.

Michelle Miller, event leader for the TVAA, said, “It’s such a great event and everyone seems to love it. It shows their creative side and they can win a prize.” She added, “The reason we do this is because it goes to a scholarship fund and art supplies for our local schools.”

Participants had until noon to finish their entry in a 4x4 box. Artists could also pick their own subject matter and judges selected winners based on the artistic ability of color, fresh approach to subject and form that make up 75 percent, while 25 percent is the personal opinion of the judge.

Drawings will line the blocks of Green Street and Tehachapi Boulevard for at least another week, so if residents weren’t able to attend they can stop by for a look.

Generous sponsor donations of $100 to $500 were also given, with prizes ranging from gift bags to great prizes for top winners called "best in show" and "Tehachapi Valley Arts Association pick." Calportland also provided 20 reusable cinch sacks filled with various art supplies and reusable water bottles at the event.