No one was Sorry, but U-No, no one person Monopolized Friday night's board games, either. Many didn’t have a Clue on how to win, but all had lots of fun trying to buy houses, get out of jail free, Connect the dots and enjoy the game of Life.

Tehachapi families were treated to an evening of good old-fashioned board games, popcorn with various toppings, an impromptu talent show and a whole lot of laughter and family bonding. Sponsored by Tehachapi Community Church and held in their Friendship hall meeting room, guests spent upwards of two hours enjoying an evening of nondigital gamesmanship and entertainment during Game Night. 

With hopes of making this a multiyear event, church Pastor Nancy Bacon said, “Family time is so important and in these days of solitary digital style games, it’s good to get out the board games and play one on one, face to face."