Fathers, sons, mothers and daughters all became anglers at Saturday's Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District's Brite Lake Fishing Derby.

Recently restocked using funds from the park district's cadre of corporate donors, more than 800 pounds of trout from local California hatcheries, many as large as three to five pounds, were planted into the lake just days before the contest.

Worms, gigs, flies and the ever-popular Power Bait proved irresistible to the trout and produced what some said was a record catch in the shortest amount of time.

Angler and longtime Tehachapi resident Steve Shaw was anticipating catching his daily limit well past the tournament weekend.

“I find that for many days after each of the tournaments the fishing is incredibly good, and I can easily catch my daily limit for weeks at a time. I enjoy trout; it's a good eating fish," Shaw said.

There were three categories of winners, grouped by age, all offering cash prizes for the heaviest fish caught. Winners this spring were:

Up to 9 years old: Cooper Brown with a 2 pound, 13 ounce trout.

10 to 15 years old: Jayden Harrison with his 3 pound, 5 ounce trout.

16 and older: Jeff Starn with a 2 pound, 13 ounce trout.

A good number of anglers and campers occupied Brite Lake this Easter weekend. The RV sites and tent sites were nearly all filled. Camping reservations can be made by going online to tvrpd.org.