Saturday was a day of bike riding and beer tasting.

“It's our kick-off start for the upcoming 2019 event season,” said Cheers to Charity President Mary Beth Garrison during the Cheers to Charity Homebrew event.

Held at the rodeo grounds of the Tehachapi Event Center, it was but a short ride to the Lehigh mountain bike trail system and the day's courses laid out by event co-sponsor Tehachapi Mountain Trails Association.

Nearly 100 mountain bike riders started out at 9 a.m. to ride any one of the four courses set up for the day. Aptly named in honor of the Homebrew sampling part of the event, the courses were made family friendly in distance. They went by these titles: Root Beer course at 5 miles, The Tester at 17 miles, a 32-miler known as the Pint course and finally the longest at 72 miles, The Growler.

As the riders returned and beer tasting fans started to arrive by car ,they were greeted by food to eat, beer to sample and live music from the band Wild Side.

Garrison thanked the many contributing sponsors and said the funds raised Saturday will be used to cover “start-up costs of future Cheers to Charity fundraising events, thus keeping future funds raised available for putting back into the community."

In addition to alcoholic style beer for tasting, the Ridgecrest Indian Wells home brewery donated a keg of their best homemade, non-alcoholic root beer.