In a stunning first-ever result, Friday night's 2019 Mr. Warrior competition at Tehachapi High School produced two top winners.

“It’s unprecedented,” said Associated Student Body activity director Amy Watkins. “First time in our 11 years of competition among the senior boys.”

Seniors Mathias Ahlgren, an exchange student from Sweden, and Peyton Stowers of Tehachapi shared the crown and the honors that go along with being Tehachapi High School Mr. Warrior.

Hundreds of friends, relatives, students and well-wishers filled the high school gym to watch the competition. Judging was so difficult as the seniors went through the competition that in the end, the tally sheets showed a numerical tie.

Twenty-one students were up for the title as they participated in several categories. From the points given by three judges, an overall Mr. Warrior — or in the case, Warriors — for 2019 was named.

And the winners are ...

Spirit of Mr. Warrior: Mark Marquez

Coach's Awards:  Mathias Ahlgren, Peyton Stowers, Tom Keefe, Truxton Kingsbury, Dakota Hutchinson and Adam Lomanaco

Physical Fitness: 2nd runner-up Jacob Jaster; 1st runner-up Harrison Wadkins; winner Mark Marquez

Partner Dance: 2nd runner-up Joseph Clark; 1st runner-up Kyler Ball; winner Rhys Artzer

Talent: 2nd runner-up Joseph Clark; 1st runner-up Josh Siracusa; winner Truxton Kingsbury

Mom and Son Dance: 2nd runner-up Jameson Williams; 1st runner-up Adam Lomonaco; winner Carson Caudle

Poise: 2nd runner-up Eli Fisher; 1st runner-up Braeden Searl; winner Mads Worm

Self-expression: 2nd runner-up Tanner Love; 1st runner-up Collin Hutchinson; winner Noah Ledesma

Most entertaining (determined by audience): 2nd runner-up Jameson Williams; 1st runner-up Jacob Jaster; winner Tom Keefe

Overall Mr. Warrior: 2nd runner-up Noah Ledesma; 1st runner-up Josh Siracusa; winners Mathias Ahlgren and Peyton Stowers