Talented young musicians, many from Tehachapi, showed their skills at Saturday's 10th annual District 3 Amateur Old Time Fiddle Contest.

Musicians from 8 to 20 years of age displayed their playing before an audience along with three sequestered musically trained judges listening, by speakers, from an adjoining room. Judges did not know the names of the players performing as they graded the performers on style, as it relates to Old Time Fiddling; rhythm and timing while playing; clarity and tone values; and the difficulty level of the music being performed.

Contestants in this amateur competition are placed in age groupings such as Pee Wee, 8 years old and under; Juniors, ages 9-12; and Juniors ages 13-20. Each contestant must perform three tunes: a hoedown, a waltz and a tune of choice.

As points are given by the judges, rankings are established in each fiddling category, and a first-place winner is selected for most points earned.

One thinks of a Fiddle Contest as only fiddles being played, but there are other divisions the young multitalented musicians can enter, such as the cello-bass category, the picking category with a banjo, fiddle or mandolin. Even a novelty category, and a band scramble competition.

Awards are given at days end and the first-place winner in each of the fiddling divisions now enters a play-off for the judges, who then determine a Grand Champion performer for the day's contest.

The annual Old Time Fiddlers Division 3 Fall National Championship competition will take place in Tehachapi Sept. 20 and 21. For details and sponsorship opportunities, call 823-8249.