Held before an enthusiastic crowd of more than 700 friends, family and fellow Warriors, 26 contestants competed for the crown and title of Mr Warrior, class of 2018, Friday night at Tehachapi High School. 

Dylan Ragsdale earned the crown and the coveted honor. He spoke about how a Warrior represents his God, his family, his community and how a Warrior must commit to excellence in everything he does. His actions reflect on all around him, Ragsdale said.

The competition includes six events performed before judges and the audience. They included Physical Fitness, Partners Dance, Talent Competition, Mom and Son Dance, Poise and Self Expression.

Each event involved lots of dancing and physical agility, as well as the much-loved yet slightly slower-paced Mom and Son dance segment.

This year's theme was the British Invasion — think The Beatles.

During the traditional Mother/Son dance competition, the couples danced to The Beatles' “Come Together” and “You really Got Me” by The Kinks.