Stallion Springs is fast becoming a destination spot with its annual Oktoberfest. Thousands of people came from all over Southern California to the small suburb of Tehachapi Saturday to enjoy beer, brauts, live entertainment and a Volkswagen caravan.

While parents were trying out the different lager flavors, the children were found playing the corn hole game, sliding down the playground equipment or inside the petting zoo, courtesy of Cozzy Critters.

"We have all kinds of farm animals, real gentle goats and sheep, a rabbit, chickens, guinea pigs and a nice, potbelly pig," said owner Tiger Hardy.

Driving to Stallion Springs from Rosamond to attend Oktoberfest for the first time was the Smith family — Adam, his wife, Jenny, and their baby daughter, Reagan.

"I think this is a really nice way to bring the community together," said Adam Smith. "They have a lot of events and a decent amount of vendors."

Smith said he and his wife bought a stein at the festival so he could sample the featured lagers on tap this year.

Oktoberfest veteran Christy Bumgarner traveled from her home in Mojave to celebrate her 31st birthday at the festive occasion with her friends.

Asked what keeps bringing her back, Bumgarner said, "The fun atmosphere and the good beer, always!"

In addition to the traditional German vibes and beer, Oktoberfest features some of the best barbecue around.

"Lots of awesome P-Dubs (food), and the Hefeweizen beer is amazing," said Tara Sturm of Alpine Forest. "They did a pretty good job, and I'm impressed with it."

Many of the folks Tehachapi News talked to said they were first time attendees of Oktoberfest, while others said they have been coming for years. Still others said they came to enjoy the afternoon by sheer accident.

"We stumbled upon it when we came up here looking for deer and elk for the girls and we found it," said Melissa Miller, of Lancaster, who came with her friend Rachel Tucker, and their three children.