The age-old adage "read my lips" was in full force Friday evening as 374 students and 20 staff performed in Tehachapi High School’s 35th annual Lip Synchronization competition.

Twenty-five acts filled with dancing students and teachers performed to varied medleys from today’s and yesterday's popular songs.

The winner was Flipping Physics, with their cartwheeling, hand-standing classroom teacher Mr. Gillam. The act was made up of students from Gillam’s second-period physics class. A medley of science-based songs filled the students' lips, while their energetic dance routine gave meaning to Einstein's E=mc2 theory as well as Newton's “a body in motion.” 

More than 800 tickets were sold at the doors of the high school gym. There were so many people, in fact, that the start of the performance was delayed a short time so guests could buy their tickets and find a seat. Sales brought in more than $4,000 “and still counting." All funds remain at the school and are earmarked for Associated Student Body activities.

Each of 22 acts were performed before a four-judge panel. An additional three acts were just for entertainment, and were performed while the judges tallied the scores.