Though their group was smaller this year than last, their voices and passion were no less evident.

Carpooling from the Park and Ride Lot in Tehachapi, local women and a few men along with a resident from Ridgecrest met Saturday morning for the drive to the rallying point at Central Park at Mill Creek in Bakersfield.

With signs, stenciled sweatshirts, and symbolic hats on their heads, they visually made statements about concerns on a wide variety of social issues.

“We women are not sitting home just whining," said Tehachapi organizer Kathy Kneer. "We are out marching, raising our voices, roaring when we need to, working to bring change on issues such as ERA, immigration, a woman's right to her own reproductive decisions, climate change, sustainability, equal pay and social justice issues.”

Marcher Victoria Harvey said, “By standing together we collectively represent a large voting bloc.”