A showing of Tehachapi residents met Saturday morning in the Tehachapi Kmart parking lot for a chartered bus ride to Bakersfield to participate in the second annual Kern County Women’s March. The worldwide movement is now in its third year.

Tehachapi resident and rally supporter Nancy Guidry said she was participating again this year; last year she marched in San Jose.

“Women need to have more of a say in their life," Guidry said. "More control over their own body, and more control over their own destiny.”

Of the San Jose experience, she said, “I was there with an estimated 25,000 other woman, men, whole families, all there for a common purpose. What an inspiring experience it was."

Mel White, a lifelong women's rights advocate, longtime business owner and Tehachapi resident, said, “I believe we have seen some improvements over the last few years. Look at the number of women who recently ran for public offices. Not just across the nation but right here in Tehachapi. I believe that’s a pivotal moment."

While she wasn't able to attend the rally, she said, “I'm there in both spirit and with a show of solidarity."