Weddings produce so many details. The food, flowers, location, music, photos, pre- and post-wedding party sites, formal dinners, maybe even a honeymoon site. With so many options, what are a bride and groom to do?

That was the basis for the Wedding Venue and Vendors Tour that took place Saturday at Woods Pavilion and nearby Jennifer's Terrace. It was held in February to allow the participants time for proper planing for the many weddings that will take place during the spring and summer.

Tehachapi has a number of nearby choices for wedding sites as well as local specialists who can supply services to the future bride and groom.

They could gather information, consider their options and sample food all in one place Saturday.

“It's so nice that these local vendors are here, in one spot, and available for us to talk to,” said future bride Allyson Seals, there with future husband Brian Baptiste.