During the May 11 telephonic meeting, the Tehachapi Planning Commission voted to adopt a resolution to approve the architectural design and site plan submitted by Bowe Contractors, Inc. to construct a 3,400-square-foot office building on a parcel located on Bailey Court.

Bowe Contractors, Inc. is a privately-held, public works construction contractor doing business in California since 1997. The proposed craftsman-style building will be used as a main office location for the applicant and for future storage and tenant space. 

The current property is zoned as light industrial. It is surrounded by industrial businesses as well as a vacant parcel to the left.

In other business, Jay Schlosser, development services director, said the city of Tehachapi is continuing to work with Sage Ranch, including a sizable set of criteria, with the public comment period concluding last month.

"There is eagerness on the part of the applicant to have us get there this summer, which I think is an achievable goal," said Schlosser.

Chairperson Charles White asked Schlosser if any of the delays were due to the coronavirus.

"Corona has certainly impacted our ability to process items over here, and they have claimed it has cost them time with submitting invoices to the city," said Schlosser. "We are working on it actively, and that's the most important thing."