Tehachapi Police are investigating a gun store burglary that resulted in the theft of 21 firearms from the 100 block of East F Street on Monday, police confirmed Friday.

Police said in a news release they recovered "several" of the stolen firearms in Central California, but did not specify how many or specifically from where. TPD said potential suspects are being investigated.

A passerby observed a broken window to the business during the early morning hours of Monday, and reported it to police.

According to TPD Chief Kent Kroeger, as stated in the news release, there is no indication that any of the stolen firearms have remained in the Tehachapi area, and there is no indication of any immediate threat to public safety in the Tehachapi area related to the burglary.

"The Tehachapi Police Department strives to be extremely transparent and share as much information (as) possible regarding public safety in the city of Tehachapi. There are times, however, when information cannot be immediately disseminated to the public for the safety of the officers involved and to maintain the integrity of the investigation," according to the news release.