Property owners report mostly steady progress on a number of recently purchased downtown buildings in various stages of remodeling and renovation before becoming the homes of new and expanding businesses.

Since most of the structures were built more than 50 years ago, contractors have been working  to bring them up to the current building  codes.

World Wind & Solar’s new downtown headquarters is making swift progress to meet state code regulations for earthquakes, as the building has brick and other elements that need more structural support.

This meant that updated structural reinforcement was the first element in construction after permits were issued, said Nikki Cummings, president of World Wind & Solar.

New wide framed windows are now installed on the north side of the building, with electrical, plumbing and cosmetic work still in the works.

“We are happy to breathe new life into the space and excited to become an addition to the downtown community, said Cummings. She added, “It’s going to be our corporation headquarters and our administration support team will be based at that location as well as our training facilities.”

The company is planning to occupy the old Ace Hardware location at 228 Tehachapi Blvd. on February 15 and hold a ribbon cutting and open house, added Cummings.

Construction inside the Stray Leaves Tasting Room at 123 S. Green St. is underway with plans to serve wine and appetizers. As previously reported, owner Clifford Meridth said construction is expected to take eight to 12 months. 

More than two planning commission meetings have discussed the remodeling of the Tehachapi Moose Lodge, at 123 W F. St., for a potential Mexican restaurant and event center. Plans have been approved for the architectural design and site plan, with a minor use permit, said the minutes from the Oct. 8, Tehachapi Planning Commission regular meeting.

Plans may have to be submitted again in the future because of possible design changes.

Owner Rudy Ramirez, a recent Tehachapi resident, said on Dec. 24, that a new architect will need to be found, due to disagreements. An opening date is not known.

“As soon as I find somebody else to do the plans, I will keep going,” said Ramirez.

The future site of three businesses, 301 S. Green St. will house the  Tehachapi Academy of Dramatic Arts; Lucky's Barber Shop, which will move from its current location, and the executive office of Big Sky Dwellings in a separate structure. 

The main building will be separated into two spaces with 75 percent for Lucky's Barber Shop and the other 25 percent for the Tehachapi Academy of Dramatic Arts. The two-story building on the side of the property will be the home of Big Sky Dwellings.

“We should be done in two weeks with remodeling the main building and the tenants will be able to move in,” said owner Ryan Beauchamp.

The main building’s old roof was removed and replaced with a tin roof and a more modern look given to both buildings with chandeliers, barn doors and wood floors, added Beauchamp.

Beauchamp said, “There is good momentum downtown. We are keeping our downtown quaint and the fixing up of the old buildings is nice to see.”

The former Vincent de Paul building at 122 S. Green St., was given approval for an architectural design, change in land use designations and minor use permit, according to the minutes from the Oct. 8, Tehachapi Planning Commission regular meeting. No other information is known at this time.