Developers of Sage Ranch, a proposed housing development in Tehachapi that would include apartments, town homes and single-family residences, are finalizing documents that need to go to city officials for approval.

One of three vital documents that needs approval of both the Tehachapi Planning Commission and City Council before construction begins has been submitted. Along the way, design plans will be fine-tuned.

“The end result will be a community that exudes special charm and character with a strong emphasis on conservation, diversity and an inspired lifestyle for all residents,” John Leehey, director of planning for JZMK Partners, the project designer, said in a recent news release.

In the next six to eight months, the city will select an engineering firm to complete the environmental impact report. The team of Greenbriar Capital Corp. and Nacht, who will construct the housing development, and JZMK Partners will submit master and precise development plans. The preliminary development plan has already been discussed.

Project principles anticipate final approval from the City Council by summer, said Stuart Nacht, development manager for Sage Ranch.

“I want the product to meet the needs of the market,” added Nacht. “Everyone from different areas and industries want to live in Tehachapi.”

The 138-acre housing tract, located off Valley Boulevard near Tehachapi High School, is expected to have 1,000 residential units.

Buyers are expected to come from nearby engineering and aeronautical industries, as well as the local community, seniors and first-time buyers, a project news release said.

The housing will have a farm house or ranch-style theme outside, with a modern or contemporary look inside. The one- and two-story houses, cottages and town homes could range from 950 to 3,400 square feet with apartments ranging from 750 to 1,300 square feet. Single-family lots will range between 3,200 and 5,500 square feet and will start at an estimated price of $275,000 to $295,000.

Green space, amenities and pedestrian areas are designed to fit together within the plans and will follow the new urbanist look.

“These designs will encourage walkable and connected streets, strong streetscapes with porch front homes and easy access to the hierarchy of parks, all while reducing garage impact and eliminating the need for walled communities,” Leehey said.

The 2012 Tehachapi zoning code requires that housing projects of more than 120 acres need to have pedestrian areas “encompassed by a five-minute walking distance from a town or neighborhood center. That area is typically represented by a quarter of a mile circle originating from the central location. Those centers typically include civic space or commercial business areas.” The development has exceeded the required 5 percent of civic or green space.

The project will offer 12 points of entry at Valley Boulevard, Brentwood Drive, White Oak Drive, Pinon Street, and another access point expected to connect for a future development parcel next to the acreage.