Emma Gonzales and Joshua Boles were winners of the Golden Hills Science Fair on Jan. 31.

Contributed by Scott Woods

Golden Hills Elementary School held its annual science fair on Jan. 31. We had a record 258 projects entered.

Congratulations to the kids and parents for taking on a big project and completing it.

A big thanks to the judges who volunteered their time.

From Mrs. Evansic's science department at Tehachapi High School there were Chole Shadduck, Meghn Daffern, Magnus Loken, Justin McKim, Stanley Severi and Hunter Nadon.

Other judges were Mike Lange representing Oak Valley Appliance. Aviators and engineers Mike and Sally Melville, Bud Long, Les Duplan and John Tumiloicz. We gratefully appreciate all these people's time.

The overall winners were Emma Gonzales and Joshua Boles. These two now get to compete in the Kern County Regional Science Fair.

Scott Woods is a fifth-grade teacher at Golden Hills Elementary School.