World Wind & Solar is making swift progress on its soon-to-open downtown headquarters, finishing inside reinforcement of the building, adding workstations, and completing outside architectural improvements at 228 Tehachapi Blvd.

“Our company is proud to be located in Tehachapi,” said Nikki Cummings, president of World Wind & Solar. She added, “We are fortunate to have folks on our team who are in their second generation of wind and solar family careers. As the industry continues to evolve and advance, this community will continue to benefit from the dedicated companies, their hardworking employees, and the families they represent.”

The building is 90 percent complete and is expected to open in two weeks, pending an occupancy permit. The 108-year-old structure was last used by Ace Hardware and needed costly restoration to bring it up to current building codes.

World Wind & Solar was first interested in the building in 2015, with a decision to restore it coming later. The company's interest in finding new locations started in 2008, when the Tehachapi Transmission Project developed in the area to upgrade high-voltage transmission projects for wind energy, said Cummings.

“Tehachapi is centrally located in the state, rendering it well-positioned when dispatching technicians to other high-density renewable project areas, including Palm Springs, Blythe, East San Diego County, the San Joaquin Valley and Altamont Pass,” added Cummings.

People interested in the field of solar and wind careers will be able to take advantage of a state-of-the-art campus that will provide safety and technical training to the company's workforce in the field. The center will be furnished with simulators, wind turbine products, switch gears, and central inverters for hands-on training.

“WWS is leading the charge for service providers to step up and truly educate our teams. The campus and our WWS Mobile University are completely revolutionizing how training is done in our industry. Our mission is to train, equip and deploy an elite workforce who are here to serve,” said Buddy Cummings, chief executive officer for the company.